Use the following quick movie clips to help with your understanding of the skeletal system
Movie Clips
Anatomy of the Skeletal System
General Information
Vertebral Columns
Joint Disorders and Replacement

Anatomy of the Skeletal System

Investigate the detailed anatomy of the skeletal system

General Information

Skeletal System Structure and Function (8.41)
Good narration of overview, functions etc wiith slides. Includes structure and parts of bone to help with the text
Introduction to fractures

Strength of Bones
Discover Channel Video - go to strength section and #2 in the video player

Structure of Bone (1.27)
Compact and spongy bone, Haversian system

Bone Remodelling (1.35)
Hard body training and how it affects the trabeculae

Body's Bony Frame (0.37)
Overview of bones

Medical Animation of Walking (0.32)
Gives you an idea of how the skeleton acts during walking

Torso Skeleton (1.18)
Test yourself, how many bones can you identify?


How the Body Works:Repair of Bone (1.13)
How the bones are repaired after fractures

Fractures 1 (2.06)
Simple, complete, spiral, compound, comminuted

Fractures 2 (1.55)
Open, closed, compression, avulsion, compacted

Vertebral Column

Anatomy of Spine (1.42)
Number and types of vertebrae, joints, ligaments, spine curvature

Cervical Spine and Disk Anatomy (1.43)
Skull movement and effects on disks, disk anatomy

Lower Back Anatomy (4.57)
Lumbar vertebrae, slipped disks, scoliosis, pinced nereves, disk rupture and pain

Medical Animation (0.17)
How a nerve gets pinched in the back

Back (Lumbar) Fusion Surgery (5.56)
Fusion surgery, degenerative disk disease treatment with pedicle screws

Joint Disorders and Replacement

Osteoporesis (0.54)
Osteoblast and osteoclast interaction

Osteoarthritis (0.57)
In the knee

Hip Replacement Surgery from EdHead - you do the cutting!
Interactice animated surgery

Knee Replacement Surgery from EdHead - you do the cutting!
Interactive animated surgery

Knee Replacement (1.14)Overview of degenerative process and how replacement works

Hip Replacement (1.26)
Basics of the operation

ACL Tear (0.44)
In the knee

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome (0.44)
Good animation of how it works